Day +5

Well, today was a bit more under control than last. Only one puke, early in the day.

The other end, however, is a bit tender...

This is normal, things get wiped out, and they need to rebuild. I just wish they could knock me out for a week (beer does that!) and let it run it's course. They gave me a sea sick patch, and that seems to help.

They also started Nupigen again, so the bone pain may return. So far, all this treatment has been pain free.

Had a fantastic visit from Gary, which wore me out (I took an hour nap). Calls from Pauline and Bob up north and the girls helped break up the day too.

All in all, it seems to be going as scheduled... I just wish It would hurry. Although, I am in a quiet room watching the Myth busters Marathon, no screaming, no switching to HGTV, just Myth busting! This can work!

Gotta go, they are blowing crap up...

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