Final post from the City of Hope...

I am on track to be released some time tomorrow. They can't release me today, the person that does the paperwork works Monday through Friday.

What a way to run things.

The extra day will give me more platelets and white blood cells produced in a sterile environment.

I am down to one bag of juice being pumped into me, one catheter line not being used. I have had up to 7 or 8 bags of liquid being pumped into me at one time.

I pushed the doctor to get the damn Hickman Catheter pulled out of my chest. That is done by a surgeon under local anesthesia. This will push my check out time to after 2:00 or so.

The conditions of my parole require that I take it fairly easy for at least a month. Total recovery will take a full year.

It's late, more tomorrow.

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